SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- Spartanburg County Community Development and the City of Spartanburg Neighborhood Services are teaming up to host the first-ever estate planning workshop called “Leaving a Legacy.”

The workshop will include experts and speakers focusing on life after death.

They will cover wills, estates and probate during the informational workshop on Thursday, April 27.

Organizers noticed a need in the community when it comes to preparing for the death of a loved one or knowing what to do if the unexpected happens.

Community Development and Neighborhood Services leaders said a lot of people inherit property but don’t know where to start when transferring the estate.

When it comes to wills, most people may not think they need one or may not feel comfortable having that discussion.

“We recognize that there are different generations of folks who could benefit from the program,” said community services specialist Dominique Dawkins.

The workshop will aim to teach the public about making a will, the steps you have to take when inheriting property and the ins and outs of probate court among other things.

Housing services specialist Chasity Davis said despite your age, having a will in place will help when the time comes.

“If there is a will in place that is your blueprint in order to have everything settled and not have it on that one person to make these hard decisions.”

The “Leaving a Legacy” workshop is free to the public at 6 p.m. on Thursday at the TK Gregg Community Center in Spartanburg.

You can register here or you can call (864) 595-5300.

The workshop will also be streamed on Facebook.