GREENVILLE S.C., (WSPA) – One of the largest festivals in the southeast, Fall for Greenville, will soon return to Main Street in downtown.

Fall for Greenville is celebrating its 42nd year and more than 200,000 people across at least 33 states are expected to attend. This year’s event will feature over 60 restaurants and food trucks with close to 90 entertainers.

“It is a celebration of Greenville, the hospitality of Greenville, the food, the entertainment,” Ramon Nieves-Ougo, Fall For Greenville Chair said. “It is really more than just a festival.”

Throughout the three-day weekend revenue and tourism in the city is expected to soar, not just for vendors on the street.

“As evidence by the hotel bookings I would say we are going to have a fabulous weekend,” Veera Gaul, Fall For Greenville Board Chair Elect said.

While the streets will be filled with people enjoying Greenville, city leaders said there is no need to stress about parking. The city has nine parking garages where an all day event rate of $5 will apply.

“In addition, we have Greenville High School that is offering free parking,” Anna Catherine Miller, Sales And Marketing Manager City of Greenville said. “Then we will also have the Greenlink trolley that will be running for free to transport people from that parking lot. We are also working with Greenville bike taxi so we encourage people to park around the outskirts of downtown and call and they can come and pick up. Regular rates apply but it is definitely a great way to get to the festival up close to the barricades.”

Events are set to kick off on Thursday evening. Road closures will begin Thursday morning.

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