GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – Fall is a great time to get out and visit many of our area’s farmers markets.

According to the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, there are nearly 150 farmers markets in the state.

These markets vary in size and offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables depending on the season.

So, what makes this the best time of year to buy some seasonal favorites?

Maggie Blair, Operations Manager at the Greer Farmers Market, said they have a little bit of everything all year round because they meet all year round.

She said the market has a lot to offer and is an important part of fall and the community.

“Developing relationships with their neighbors as well. So, it’s a great sign of a healthy community to have this interaction,” Blair said.

Buying at a farmer’s market can save you money.

Fruits and vegetables are grown locally, they are fresh and when you shop at a farmer’s market more of your money stays in the community.

“The Market does a great job of bringing those small businesses to the local customers and it’s also a great way to bring the community together.”

A great example of that is owner and baker Jessica Hale of One Hangry Baker.

“First things first: meeting other local business owners, small farms, supporting small businesses has been fantastic,” Hale said. “So, we do have a lot of fun with it and get to know each other, you know, people who enjoy eating.”

That personal touch is part of the appeal of Fall farmers markets.

“I think it’s like kind of personal aspect of it like I treated all of this with my own two hands of the local farmers you know they grew their plants I watered them they planted the seeds all of it so I think it’s just that little personal touch and also supporting your local community,” according to Hale.

Laura Fernandez, with Front Yard Foods, explained how her business combines that combination of community, knowledge, and fresh local food.

She said, “YouTube is fantastic, but doing one on one like actually meeting someone who lives in this area who is farming in this area growing through talking to people learning the tricks of the trade sometimes it’s just you’re trying to grow a variety that you saw on Instagram it doesn’t grow that well here in South Carolina and so I just learning those little tricks can help you become more successful.”

According to Fernandez, farmers markets are where that success is passed from vendors to you. “We teach people how to grow food that is my first focus I come in I can come to you instead of a garden consultation we can do everything from scratch and get you all the way built up until you’re harvesting and then we take it a step further and we teach you what to do with that harvest.”

So, if you’re looking for a way to spend some of these great fall afternoons and mornings, head to one of your local farmers markets is a great way to support local businesses and learn a lot more about your community.

For a list of Fall farmers markets in your area, locations, and times, visit the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.