(WSPA) – Wildfire season ramps up by late fall and can get out of control as residents burn yard debris and campers don’t fully extinguish fires.  

Strong, dry winds can make a wildfire spread quickly. Flying embers can spark a small fire ahead of the main line that merges with the main fire to help it grow.  

Residents outside of city and town limits are required by law to notify the Forestry Commission of an intended burn.

Brad Bramlett, Assistant Regional Forester, said contacting your local fire department isn’t a bad idea either so they are informed. 

When wildfires get started, crews set up fire breaks in advance of the fire using bulldozers or fire crews. Taking away the fuel will also take away from the fire.

Prescribed burns are used as forest maintenance to keep the fuel shallow and to help both plants and animals that benefit from fresh growth and opportunity.

Those that live in or near a forest are encouraged to replace flammable pine needles with hardwood mulch and create firebreaks using driveways, walkways and porches.