(WSPA) – Fall in South Carolina can present some very ideal weather. Not just for humans, but also for geese.

You may recognize this type of goose when you see the black neck and black head with white cheek backs. These are Canadian Geese.

Molly Kneece, a Waterfowl Program Coordinator with the Department of Natural Resources, said the geese are not here for just the nice weather in the fall.

“What we have here in South Carolina is a resident goose population. These geese don’t migrate,” Kneece said. “They complete their annual cycle, all their needs they have in a year. All their habitats in South Carolina are provided. So what we have sticks around the state for the year.”

There are many things that attract the geese to South Carolina, including grass and seeds they like to eat, as well as bodies of water to swim. Some people even enjoy seeing them at the park!

“We love them. We love our geese. We love it when they jump off the dam right there.”

However, geese can be more of a nuisance and cause a bit of a mess. Some of you may not want them around.

Kneece said some of the things that you can do to deter geese maybe in settings where they’re not desirable, is to take some actions is as to immediately deter them from an area.

“It may be buying some owl or coyote decoys and setting them in those areas where these geese are wanting to hang out and feed.”

Don’t get discouraged though if the geese decide to come back. You’ll need to keep moving those decoys around to keep the geese deterred.

Another option is to let the dog out and chase the geese to scare them away!

If decoys or the dog option doesn’t work, there are further actions that can be taken.

However, since the geese are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, these actions will require permits.

For instance, there are hunting seasons for Canada Geese in South Carolina.

Open dates are November 21 through the 28, December 12 through January 31 and February 14 through February 29.

Any hunting will require a permit.