GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – One group is going to county and city council meetings to try and keep recreational shooting away from residential areas.

They’re friends, family and concerned citizens of a woman killed while a neighbor was target shooting.

Kesha Tate, a mother of nine, was killed in August after officials said her neighbor was target practicing in a residential neighborhood.

Now, her family is seeking justice and trying to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

“I’m here tonight to represent her and the violence, we’ve got a lot of gun violence where you’ve got people shooting guns in a residence,” said Charles McGill.

Tate was killed in her home on Songbird Lane in Cherokee County. Investigators believe she was shot by her neighbor, Nicholas Lucas. According to law enforcement, the neighbor originally said the bullet ricocheted, killing Tate. A few days later, the forensic evidence showed the bullet that killed Tate did not ricochet off any targets.

“It shouldn’t be where you could go out and, you know, just fire your gun at will. When you’ve got people who live around you,” said McGill.

Tate’s cousin, Charles McGill, said they’ve been to the Cherokee County Council and now they are talking to Gaffney city leaders.

7NEWS spoke with the county administrator and he said they are gathering information and that nothing has been decided yet. He said there is nothing in their books that prevents shooting in rural areas.

“We all have children, grandchildren, etc., and for us to say we can’t do anything about this. That’s pathetic,” said McGill, during the meeting.

They have a request to honor Tate’s life.

“You need to make a law or ordinance that you can’t fire a gun at will, where you’ve got kids running around. People got kids running in and out of their house, even inside their house. A bullet don’t have an eye,” said McGill.

Gaffney Police Chief Gerald Knight said shooting in residential neighborhoods is already illegal in the city of Gaffney.

Council heard what the family and concerned citizens had to say.

“Can you put that in writing and send it to me, and each member of this council, we will take it as information,” said Mayor Randy Moss.

Lucas is still in jail, facing murder, shooting into a dwelling, and shooting under the influence charges.