GREENWOOD, SC (WSPA) – The family of Emmanuel Quarles, the man who went missing in 2015 and whose remains were believed to have been recovered last week in a shallow grave, spoke in Greenwood Monday.

The family addressed the media for the first time since the discovery, days before Kerry Cobb – who is accused of killing Quarles – is due in court for a plea.

“It’s just been like we’ve been living in hell. That’s how it feels right now,” said Priscilla Quarles, Emmanuel’s sister.

Quarles and her family said Monday they do not believe Cobb upheld his end of the bargain from the attorney general’s office to get the plea deal, which will reduce Cobb’s sentence from 20 to 15 years.

According to Quarles, Cobb was offered the plea on two conditions: that he lead investigators to Quarles’ body and that he tell investigators who else had a role in Quarles’ death.

Priscilla Quarles said Cobb did not answer the second question. The family said Cobb said previously he did not kill Quarles.

Cobb is scheduled to plea in court Thursday morning.