ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Over the past couple of weeks, the Anderson Police Department said there’s been an increase in gun violence.

The family of one victim is asking the community to help find the person responsible.

On January 4, 23-year-old Jeremiah Lohr was shot multiple times and found dead, lying on the side of Highway 29 in Anderson.

His family is asking the community to come forward with any information they may have. They said they want justice for their loved one who was taken too soon.

“The thing that bothered me so much is that he died at like 11:40, so that’s a long time that he was dead, and we didn’t even know it. That was heartbreaking,” said Pamela Ivester.

Lohr’s aunt, Pamela Ivester, said her family is still processing the loss.

“Not accepting it or something, I don’t know. It’s just like, it’s not him, they made a, it’s a mistaken identity,” she said. “It was somebody else, it wasn’t Jeremiah and he’ll be back.”

She said Lohr lived with her for awhile, and the two of them were close. Ivester said her nephew spent a lot of time with her and his grandmother.

“We didn’t know anything. We didn’t know he was laying in the middle of the road like that,” said Ivester. “Not far from her house.”

On the morning of the 4th, Ivester said they were waiting for him to come home to eat.

“I know the day that he died, mom had sent me to get him some breakfast and she didn’t know it at the time, but he had already passed away,” said Ivester.

She said the last memory she had of hew nephew is him sitting with his phone, headphones in and hoodie on. She said that’s the way Lohr was found.

“The nurse that stopped to help render aid to him, she said he had his head buds on, his hoodie was on,” stated Lohr’s aunt.

Now, she’s turning to the community to help gather information.

“Please, if you know anything or saw anything,” she said. “I don’t know why Jeremiah lost his life.”

Ivester said Lohr resembled his mother, who passed away when he was only 12.

“He was just an okay kid, you know. Didn’t deserve that, when he was there you didn’t know he was there, he was so quiet. And his mother was just the same, identical way,” she said. “Let’s bring justice and try to find justice for Jeremiah.” 

The Anderson Police Department is still investigating this case and they’re asking anyone with any kind of information to please come forward and contact them or call Crime Stoppers.

Especially, if anyone saw a gray or silver SUV leaving the area, on the 4th, driving very quickly.

Ivester has planned a balloon release in Lohr’s honor on February 4, at Chris Taylor Memorial Park in Anderson.