WATERLOO, S.C. (WSPA) –The Rolling S Golf Club closed Saturday. The family-owned course was first established in 1961. A sign outside the course said it was closed due to the “current economic environment.”

The owner, Tim Helton, told 7NEWS that costs to maintain the club had doubled, and not as many people had been going to the course

When golfers learned the course was closing, they made sure to play one last round.

“We played all 18 holes for the last time Friday morning,” said Nathan Godfrey. “Hitting the driver on the last hole was a bittersweet moment because we knew it was going to be our last time as a group there.”

Godfrey went to the course every week with his dad and two brothers.

“It’s always been our home golf course,” explained Godfrey. “We usually play there every Sunday morning. We go as a family. We’re incredibly going to miss it.”

Godfrey said there was something special about the people his family would meet along the course. He hopes someone buys and reopens it because he says there are not many public golf courses nearby.

“For where it was, local to us, it was perfect,” said Godfrey. “I’d love to see it continue to grow. I know that it has a great opportunity too. It’s in a great location. I’m hoping somebody picks it up and takes off with it.”

Helton said anyone interested in buying the course can contact him at timhelton@yahoo.com.

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