LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A 47-year-old man is missing out of Laurens County. His family said they haven’t seen him since early February.

The family of Charles, or Charlie, Griffin is going to great lengths to try and find him. They have posted flyer after flyer, hoping anyone has information.

Picture Credit: Jacob Youngblood

“I just want to know that he’s okay,” said Griffin’s daughter, Brittney Nabors.

Griffin’s family said he was last seen on February 3. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office said he went missing from Clinton city. His family said he was last seen outside of the El Cheapo gas station.

“My brother is very loved, and he is missed. For him to be missing this long without any kind of contact, is not like him,” said Wendy Gaskins.

His sister, Wendy Gaskins, said her brother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, 20 years ago.

“We, as a family, feel the facilities have failed him, as well as us, by not providing Charlie with the proper tools he needs to deal with his disease,” said Gaskins.

The family said they have filed multiple reports with law enforcement.

They called in the Broken Link Foundation, a non-profit that helps with missing persons, to help search.

They covered a lot of ground, Griffin’s last known location, and the route he would walk every day.

“People do not vanish into thin air.” said his sister.

“But for somebody who has been by his side, I love my daddy, no matter what,” said Nabors.

Gaskins said there hasn’t been any activity in her older brother’s bank account since early February. Also, she said he has been without his medications the entire time.  

“To his family, this is a huge red flag, alarming and concerning because he has not accessed his money on March 3 to pick up his prescriptions,” said Gaskins.

His daughter, Brittney Nabors, said her father has multiple tattoos.

“The main thing you will see is his hand tattoo and the cross on his finger,” said Nabors.

Some other tattoos the family says are identifiable are:

  • A dragon on his left arm
  • A Joker tattoo on his right forearm
  • A Spiderman and Venom tattoo on his left hand

Nabors said her father also has a scar on his right hand. They said Griffin was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, a brown jacket, and mustard yellow toboggan. He had a black backpack with him and a blue and white cooler with him.

The entire family said they were worried and will stop at nothing to find him,

“We just need to know that he is alive and safe,” said Gaskins.

Griffin’s family said they will not stop searching for him until they find him. They ask, if you see him or know where he might be, you contact the Broken Link Foundation or the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

The Broken Link Foundation: (843) 998-5113

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office: (864) 984-2523