GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — The family of a Greenville man who was shot and killed after an encounter with deputies last week is calling for more information in his death.

“I just want the truth,” said Debra Roberts, Terrance Sligh’s mother. “The good or the bad, what happened to my child.”

34-year-old Terrance Sligh’s family said they have questions about what happened leading up to the shooting. Sligh’s family and Upstate activist Bruce Wilson held a press conference Monday morning.

“We’re not sitting here today to indict anyone,” said Fighting Injustice Together activist Bruce Wilson. “This family is sitting here asking for the truth and that’s all we can ask for.”

The Greenville County Coroner’s office said Sligh died from multiple gunshot wounds last Wednesday. His mother said she wants to know more.

“You can’t tell me why? You can’t tell me how many times? You can’t tell me if he did something to you to even warrant this? Just know that I’m not going to rest until I find out what happened to my child,” said Roberts.

A Senior Deputy Coroner told 7NEWS the amount of gunshot wounds on Sligh’s body is determined by the medical examiner and said the report has not been completed, so the information is unavailable. She said it will be shared with family when it is received, which typically takes 10 to 14 weeks.

Last week, Sheriff Hobart Lewis said Sligh’s ex-girlfriend called for help, saying Sligh had a gun and was threatening to harm her.

The sheriff said when deputies tried to serve Sligh a warrant for unlawful communications, Sligh was armed and was shot.

“I spoke to him several times that morning and I knew that he was going through something,” said Roberts.

Sligh’s family said he was having a mental health crisis.

Roberts said he struggled with depression and said she was trying to convince him to get help.

“He didn’t want this. He wasn’t trying to hurt anybody. He just wanted help,” said Roberts.

Wilson said he asked Sheriff Lewis to allow the family to review body cam and dash cam footage.

“Any time we see a young man who is going through a mental health crisis, who cannot get the help that they need, who ends up dead, we have to ask what’s wrong,” said Wilson.

The sheriff’s office said a briefing about the death will be made public 45 days from the incident, according to their policy.

SLED said this shooting is under investigation, and said at this time, no information will be released.