(WSPA) – With our recent warmer weather, farmers have been eager to harvest their springtime crops, but they’re struggling with the big changes in temperature.

With a freeze warning issued for Monday night, farmers said they’re taking steps to protect their crops.

“Everything we do is up to the weather. It affects what we bring in,” Owner of Winslett’s Produce Market Jamie Winslett said. “We saw the weather forecast and slowed down what we were bringing in. This week here should have been one of the heavy weeks of bringing product in.”

Not all crops will take a hit with the freezing temperatures. Farmers said their cold crops will be just fine such as collards, turnip greens, and broccoli.

However, many farmers worry about their spring crops which could be affected or even killed by the cold temperatures.

“Peach crops have bloomed out. Strawberries are blooming so it will have an effect on them, how cold of weather we get and how long it stays cold for.” Winslett said.

Farmers all around said they are covering their produce to protect them from the cold but they’re hopeful the sunshine will stick around.

Soon, when the weather warms up, they said it will be their busiest time of year.