SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – What is believed by writer and director Edgar Michael Bravo to be the first full-length feature film ever created in Spartanburg finished filming Friday.

The movie, “The Little Box of Hope,” explores themes of childhood trauma as the main character tries to prevent a serial killer from killing again.

“It’s the story of a businessman who finds a magic box in a park. It just appears.” Bravo said. “When he opens it, he goes into the mind of a serial killer.”

Filming took 16 days, Bravo said, and utilized talents of local actors and film production specialists.

“The Little Box of Hope” is the first of three projects Bravo has in the works. All three represent parts of a bigger vision: to turn the Upstate into a hub for independent film.

“Filmmaking represents another diversification in our overall economy,” OneSpartanburg, Inc.’s vice president of industrial development said.

OneSpartanburg and other local partners have worked with Bravo to establish his independent film studio, called NoRestrictions.

“My vision is I want to make [the Upstate] the center of daring, bold independent film,” Bravo said.

Bravo’s “The Little Box of Hope” is slated to premiere in local theaters in June.