SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County leaders celebrated the final beam being placed onto the new county courthouse on Thursday.

The final beam being placed marks a major milestone in the progress of the new building and completes the structure of the building.

The next step for workers is to finish the inside of the building and install the new elevators before the first employees move into the building in October.

Vice Chairman of the Spartanburg County Council David Britt said it’s not only a monumental moment but it is a historic moment for the county.

Britt looked back to 2017 and praised the residents for voting “yes” for the Penny Tax that would pay for the new courthouse in six years.

Britt said the courthouse is a “beacon of accomplishment” for the county and placing the final beam is one step closer to that accomplishment.

“We’re in the red zone as far as moving into the courthouse,” said Britt.

Britt said that the current courthouse has overserved its use and it is time for a major upgrade with the new courthouse.

Britt said, “the new facility is built with 2023 standards. EPA, the state recommendations, the International building code and we have far exceeded all of those.”

During the celebration, Clerk of Court Amy Cox said this building is meant for everyone in Spartanburg County.

“Everyone who comes in this building has a purpose,” said Cox. “They want something from this building, they need something from this county, they need something from us. So, the purpose of this building is to serve our citizens.”

Once the inside of the structure is finished, county employees will move in October and then crews will immediately start construction on the City Council Complex.