EASLEY (WSPA) – Lt. Todd Caron has been with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for 26 years. Unfortunately, he’s using that vast experience now to teach groups about how to deal with an active shooter.

“What we talk about basically is how to stop a killing,” Caron said. “How to stop the shooter either by denying them access to people, by them leaning or barricading a classroom. Or wherever you may be.”

“Or defending yourself, so we call that ‘stop the killing.’ Then we talk about ‘stop the dying’ in case anyone is injured,” Caron said.

Caron delivers these training sessions to groups, businesses, schools and churches. We caught up with him at Siloam Baptist Church in Easley.

The church has a pre-school which Caron said presents different kinds of challenges.

“The average speed of a toddler is the average speeding of a walking adult. In a full run, a toddler’s speed is three miles an hour. That’s the same speed as you or I walking,” Caron explained.

“Then you’re trying to move 30 of them at once? So, I tell them it’s not run-hide-fight for you. It’s hide-hide-fight.”

Caron said his training sessions have no “shock value, but it’s hands-on with advice on self-defense and ways to potentially barricade yourself from someone with a gun.”

Lt. Caron said the training sessions are free and to contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office if you’d like to schedule one for your group, business, church or school.