EASLEY (WSPA) – Do you have thirty seconds?

If you give Training Officer Dietrich Easter from Pickens County Emergency Services half a minute, he can show you how to save a life when someone is in cardiac arrest.

His demonstration can be seen in the video attached to this article.

Easter and Pickens County EMS are trying to spread this lesson across the area to help more people survive when minutes can make the difference.

“It does take us time to get into the ambulance, get across the street, get across town with lights and sirens,” Easter said.

“But for every minute someone is in cardiac arrest, their chance of survivability goes down by 10%. So, if it takes us eight minutes to get there, they are already in bad shape.”

A 911 dispatcher can describe over the phone how to carry out this form of CPR. The results are already being tabulated in Pickens County.

“We’ve seen our ROS rates (return of spontaneous circulation) come to about 50% here inside (Pickens) county,” according to Easter. “So, if our crews start chest compressions, we have about a 50-percent chance of getting a pulse back on the patient.”

There are differences when performing CPR on a child or infant. Easter said to use two fingers on each hand instead of both of your entire hands, but still do 110 chest compressions a minute.

Elderly patients can scare people who are not professionals at performing CPR. Easter said they fear they’ll break the senior’s ribs.

But he looks at the alternative by adding, “(the) patient is not breathing, they do not have a pulse. So, CPR is going to save their life. We can fix the broken ribs later.”

Pickens County EMS attends many events to demonstrate this fast CPR training before a potentially large audience. The goal is to create bystander first responders who can help save lives if they know CPR.

They are available to come to meetings of church or other social groups to teach them this technique. You can contact Pickens County Emergency Medical Services for more information.