REIDVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Chief Patrick Evatt has been chief of Reidville Fire Department for 13 years.

7NEWS Anchor Fred Cunningham met with Chief Evatt at Willow Creek Station, a fairly new station in the community. He asked the chief what was the need for adding this station.

“Well, we needed a station on this side of our district to help with a five-mile radius. So, we needed a station here to cover this side of the district, plus it’s really growing,” according to Chief Evatt. “Look behind us through the woods and there’s a 3.3 million square foot tire storage facility. The largest east of the Mississippi. And that along with the housing growth, we needed a station down here.”

The chief told 7NEWS about the facility and what it has that is special.

“We have room for growth. There’s two guys 24 hours a day here along with myself. And we have room to add a second engine. We run an engine crew out of here now. But we could add another truck with it. An engine or a ladder, whatever the need is we try to build for the future here.”

With the growth in the area, Chief Evatt told us how they are able to keep up.

Chief Patrick Evatt (left) and Vance Mahaffey (right)

“When I started in 2009, there were probably less than ten thousand people in housing. I’m betting we’re closer to 30, 25 or 30 thousand. Just guessing off the amount of residential growth and development we’ve had,” the chief said. “What we’re trying to do is build this facility. Purchase some new trucks and upgrade equipment. And in the future, we’re going to add staff and possibly build another station, but right now we operate with the Poplar Springs fire Department out of their Fairmont Station. We operate together.”