WEST PELZER (WSPA) – The job for a police officer is the same. It doesn’t matter how big the city or town where they patrol.

In West Pelzer, that adds up to one square mile. The town’s police department is believed to be the smallest in Anderson County. There are three full-time police officers and five part-timers who work for the department.

“If I don’t know your name, I know your face,” West Pelzer Police Chief Scott Stoller said. “So, it’s very easy to do our job when you know people. We know what’s normal. So, I can go walk around or drive around and see people out and know if someone is sick, if someone is away. It makes our job a lot less challenging.”

The chief said the small town poses some funding issues because of it’s small tax base. But he believes the advantages of a small town – with a population of 808 people according to the US Census – outweighs any downside.

“We have a very close-knit community. And for the most part, a very cooperative and calm community,” Stoller said.