SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- For the past few years, Spartanburg has been growing its Litter Heroes program, an initiative that employs homeless people by picking up litter. 

A graduation was held in Spartanburg on Tuesday for the only participant who was able to complete the program this year, Eva Worthy. She said for her, it marked a new beginning. 

In just 90 days, she’s gone from experiencing homelessness to having her own apartment and working towards getting her GED.

“This is a good career for people that like to help other people and the people I worked with are very kind and nice and helped me out a lot,” said Worthy. 

She is the only woman to complete Spartanburg’s Litter Heroes initiative, the only one to have housing before even graduating, and along her journey, she picked up 11.3 tons of trash while walking over 51 miles.

“Most people that we run into… they feel that life is over and this is a second chance,” said Shawn Parker, CEO of Hope Ministries Upstate. “We give them a chance to live again.”

Aside from picking up litter, participants of the program are taught professional case management and life skills training.

“I teach the life skills and just to see them get their dignity back and feel like a person again,” said Parker.

It’s through community nonprofits that the litter heroes are able to not only earn money but receive help in other ways.

“We partner with Regenesis to help them with their health, we also partner with SC Works so they can get jobs and training,” said Parker.

Worthy said the program has changed her outlook on life, and hopes others consider joining.

“They are a team, they’re going to look out for you, to help you,” said Worthy. “They’ve been very good to me and I appreciate them very much.”