UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Free legal advice is coming to Union County.

It’s a mobile law service, called The Palmetto Leader, that is traveling to rural areas around the state.

They can offer you legal advice and even help you prepare legal documents, like living wills.

The mobile law office can address all your legal needs for free.

“We bring some lawyers with us, we bring some law students with us and then we always meet some local attorneys, or nearby attorneys,” said Pamela Robinson.

The University of South Carolina School of Law and the South Carolina Bar have joined forces to help people in the most rural parts of the state.

“We tend to go to places where there are not a lot of lawyers, there’s not a lot of services, by legal services,” said Robinson.

Pamela Robinson is the manager of the Palmetto Leader. She said one of the main services they provide is preparing living wills.

“Print it, execute it, sign it, notarize it and give it to them in a nice folder,” said Robinson.

They also provide health care powers of attorney.

“It does give direction to your family and your doctors. You can name an agent, a primary agent, and a secondary agent, that if you’re not capable of making medical decisions, whether you want to be put on life support, whether you want feeding tubes,” she said.

They’ll even go into how you want your belongings given away.

“It helps families and people avoid that, ‘Mama said I could have that ring, well, mama said I could have that ring,’ and then we have hard feelings,” said Robinson.

Robinson said it’s important to register beforehand, so you can be screened. This will make sure you qualify based on your annual income.

“We use 200% of the federal guidelines. It is higher than you think, I think it’s like $34,000 for one person. And then it changes depending on the number of people in the home,” she said.

She said people also need to be residents of the state and above 18 years of age. With their teams of attorneys and law students, Robinson said they can take anywhere between 20 and 35 clients in a period of time.

Robinson said the services they provide are things every single person needs.

“Make yourself a will. It gives your family direction, gives them piece of mind,” she said.

The Palmetto Leader will be making its second trip of the year to Union on November 4, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

To make an appointment, call 864-427-7140.

Robinson said people can also come to the bus if they have a legal question or need legal guidance.