SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Snow is melting away but some temperatures overnight are still below freezing.

“We will have instances of it particularly when it’s prolonged periods of cold weather,” said Jennifer Candler, the communications manager for Spartanburg Water.

Candler said cold weather can cause water to freeze which can lead to burst pipes and big problems. But she said it’s preventable.

“Super easy things to do, but sometimes things wouldn’t even think about potentially,” said Candler.

Candler said people can insulate their pipes and keep cabinet doors open so warm air can reach them. People can also keep water flowing to avoid any freezes.

“The number one thing is, if you know it’s going to be really cold particularly, below freezing, 20s, teens, to let your faucets just kind of slightly drip at night so there’s constantly water flowing through them,” said Candler.

Brian Davis, CEO of Davis Services, said it’s better to be proactive.

“It’s important to take action before the snow comes, or before the temperatures come, to make sure you’re taken care of,” said Davis.

He says many solutions like insulation or covers for your outdoor water spouts are cheap and easy to install.
The quick fix can save people hundreds of dollars too.

“Depending on that’s done to the house, you could have water damage to the ductwork up underneath the house, water damage to the wood, so the cost could be just huge in that respect,” said Davis.

Before a pipe bursts, leaders encourage people to make sure they know where the valve shut off is located and how to find their home’s water meter too.