GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Upstate Warrior Solution held a workshop Tuesday that teaches veterans how to best market themselves in their job hunt.

“We find transitioning from the military is very similar to graduating from high school because it is a life change,” said Shannon Sports, employment program manager for Upstate Warrior Solution.

Mike Kuklinski has been in the Army for six years.

“Gone to two overseas rotations and been to a few different duty stations,” Kuklinski said.

Now he’s getting ready to trade in his uniform for a suit and tie.

“Military people definitely know they worked hard and know they have done a lot of work in their time in service, but to translate that to a civilian job opportunity, to translate that to a career that has a different title than the career you probably filled for the last few years it takes some work and it takes some help,” Kuklinski said.

That help is here.

“TD Bank is conducting an interview and resume workshop. It’s going to be conducted over the next two days,” Sports said.

To help translate military skills to the civilian workforce, “you have those skills where this is my role and my task that I am so used to doing so now I have to make sure that the roles and tasks I am used to doing are relatable to a civilian job,” said TD Bank’s Malaika Towns. “We want to present to them some good skills and tips for a strong resume.”

That will help more veterans stand out in a sea of applicants.

“I am excited to transition out of the military to change careers and have a different career opportunity especially with all the resources here and all the help I have gotten along the way I definitely feel ready,” Kuklinski said.

Upstate Warrior Solution said they plan to continue these types of workshops quarterly with the next one expected sometime in February.

They have approximately 257 veteran job seekers in their books currently.