GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Several watch parties took place for the Furman vs. San Diego State game Saturday afternoon. Even though it wasn’t the outcome Furman fans wanted, there was still a lot of support for the Paladins.

The watch party at Yee-Haw had every seat filled as the fans were cheering on Furman University. Even though the Furman Paladins lost to the San Diego State Aztecs, fans said they’re still proud of their team for getting this far in the NCAA Tournament.

“It’s been over 40 years that we’ve made it this far, I’m proud,” said Nathan Ofotokun, a junior at Furman.

“It’s been a very good season this year and very proud of our Dins,” said senior, Hana Suniga.

“I’m so proud of them, no matter what happened in this tournament, I was going to be proud of them,” said Kaitlyn Laudick, a junior.

An exciting energy filled the watch party at Yee-Haw as the Paladins took the court for the first half.

“It’s really exciting, especially it being my senior year. I think everyone talking about this year, every time I say my graduation year, it’s going to be like, oh my gosh, that was the year we were in March Madness,” said Delilah Evelyn, a senior.

“I feel absolutely electric, this is such a good atmosphere to be in. All my friends, the community, I’ve never felt so connected with Furman University,” said Ofotokun.

A sea of purple filled the brewery as everyone cheered with each basket.

Even though the Paladins were down at halftime, fellow classmates still brought the energy.

“There’s always hope, you know? We could have lost hope on Thursday, but nobody here did. I would say all faith, all faith in Furman hoops,” said Kiley Perry, a freshman at Furman.

“I think it’s really nice just to see everyone here cheering everyone on, no matter the outcome, or anything, it’s just a really fun experience,” said Ainsley Yoshizumi, a junior.

“We’re kind of like the Bad News Bears here, I don’t even really think we’re supposed to be in March Madness. We pulled through, this is crazy, it’s been 40 years since this has happened,” said sophomore, Rob McCracken.

Students said the team making it this far in the tournament put their school on the map.

“I just think it’s been such a good thing for the whole university to come together and all support our Dins,” said freshman, Sylvia Burroughs.

“We owe it all to these guys that put in all the work to win the SoCon, get to March Madness. They’re the reason we have all this fun, we appreciate it, we’re proud and we believe,” said Ryley Wright, a sophomore.

{Ashlee Lykins, Junior}

“I think it’s nice to even be in this situation, it’s such a small school going to such a big event like this is just getting our name out there,” said Ashlee Lykins, a junior at the university.

This was a record season for the Paladins, they haven’t been to the NCAA Tournament since 1980. Fans said they’re hopeful they will advance even further next season.

As Furman flies back home Saturday night, the Aztecs will go on to play in the Sweet Sixteen.