GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Gaffney is building more than 700 homes and the fire department is preparing to handle the influx of new people.

The Gaffney Fire Chief said that, right now, they’re fully staffed and with around 750 homes coming to the area, they will make sure there’s enough coverage for every call they get.

The city just approved for the 750 homes to come to the intersection of Hyatt Street and Nancy Creek Road. With more people coming to the City, Fire Chief, Jamie Caggiano, says they expect to be busier.

“We do realize there will be an increased call volume, because, you know, we run medical calls and fire, and rescue type calls. So, we know that we would have an increased call volume, but that’ll be the only thing that we really see increasing,” said Caggiano.

The city annexed the 250 acre property in 2021 and city officials 7NEWS spoke with said this is the largest annexation in the history of Gaffney. They said they anticipate work beginning sometime this summer. The fire chief said the people who do move to that area are in luck.

“We provide fire protection directly across the street, it sits right on the edge of the city. I do not see this causing us any problems whatsoever as far as coverage, or increased response time, it’s probably in one of the better areas it could be in,” he said.

“It provides good protection to where it is, but there’s not a lot there to protect. So, I guess we’ve got some extra resources there that we’ll be able to use better to provide coverage to that area,” he said.

Chief Caggiano said, right now, they don’t think they will need to bring on more people.

“With the other growth in the district, with everything combined, we might need to look in a year or two about hiring some additional staff, but right now, we don’t feel like we will,” said Chief Caggiano.

He said he doesn’t think there will be a lot of problems with the developments, because newer homes don’t create as many problems as the older ones.