GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – A Gaffney police officer was terminated Monday after he was arrested in North Carolina over the weekend.

Gaffney Police said Officer Dillion Haney was arrested by Cherokee Tribal Police and booked on several charges Saturday morning.

Haney was charged with assault on a female, resisting public officer and malicious conduct by a prisoner.

Chief Knight said Haney was immediately suspended without pay.

Dillion Haney (Source: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

“We don’t want to have a situation where there’s an officer who has been arrested and still has police powers,” said Knight.

On Monday, he was terminated from his role with the department.

“The reason why he was terminated was because of the conduct of his actions during the arrest and at the arrest,” said Knight.

Chief Knight said he was disappointed by Haney’s actions who he said, just last month, was named officer of the month. He believes actions like this affect officers and the public’s perception in Gaffney and across the country.

“I know sometimes officers feel that we should be held to a different standard, I disagree. As long as I’m police of chief, we will be held to a higher standard, that means on duty and off duty,” said Knight.

Chief Knight also said about two months ago, he went over policies and the standard of conduct with the department. He said they were well known to his officers.

“He and other officers were very aware what my expectations were, and so that’s the disappointing part because we’ve had this conversation and they know have I feel that we need to look at ourselves just not here in Gaffney, but globally,” said Knight.

Gaffney Police said Haney was hired by the department in January of 2021.