GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Gateway in Greenville is helping adults living with mental illness find opportunities and paths to success.

“It gives them that opportunity to have a place that they feel valued and needed and expected each day,” said executive director Randy Redlinger.

Redlinger said Gateway is a mental health rehabilitation program and through its clubhouse, members can find work opportunities and a sense of acceptance.

“Unfortunately, people with mental illness tend to be isolated and they’re not sure how to connect with their community. The clubhouse helps provide that connection,” said Redlinger.

On Thursday, mental health professionals and Upstate groups got a look inside, learning about gateway and it’s efforts to help the community.

Ciera young, mental health counselor, recycled energy mental health service

“This gives people hope and life and opportunities outside of their mental health diagnosis,” said Ciera Young, a mental health counselor with Recycled Energy Mental Health Service. “I often say you have to go beyond the white couch, so outside of therapy and getting help for your mental health issues, there’s still life.”

Redlinger said sharing their mission can help connect more people to Gateway and its resources.

“It’s helping these groups understand who we are as a clubhouse and the services are that we’re providing and also share what the referral process is,” said Redlinger.

Leaders also said there’s no waitlist to join and they add about five new members every month.

“Being able to have spots available now really sends a message that they’re advocating, they’re providing resources,” said Young.

Leaders are hopeful connecting with other professionals will help support more people across the Upstate.

“There’s a lot of resources that are available within our community and to partner together with other organizations I think it’s going to help our community be successful,” said Redlinger.

People 18 and older, living with a serious mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or major depression, can become a member at Gateway. People can learn more about how to join online. Redlinger said they’ve served nearly 1,500 people since Gatway was founded in 1984.