GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- The campaign trail is coming to an end for Governor Henry McMaster, with all eyes on the polls Tuesday.

The governor’s visit to Stax’s Restaurant in Greenville was one of the last cities on his 19-stop bus tour.

He’s looking to get re-elected to his second full term as governor of South Carolina, which would make him the longest-serving governor in state history.

He was joined by some familiar faces in Greenville, like Sheriff Hobart Lewis.

“We’re going to have another great four years. It is truly an honor and privilege to stand up here,” Sheriff Lewis said.

Along with Mayor Knox White.

“This governor, he passed the test,” Mayor White said.

McMaster is going up against Democratic nominee Joe Cunningham.

The two took the debate stage a couple weeks ago and hashed out topics like abortion, state income tax, and legalizing marijuana.

In Greenville, the governor addressed the crowd about what he’s done for South Carolina, including how he helped get the state get through the pandemic.

“When everybody was telling us, not the president, but those bureaucracies, the CDC, ‘you gotta shut it down, shut it down, everybody go home, put on a mask go inside, stay away from your dog, stay away from your cats, don’t go out to eat. The economy will be ok.’ Well, we didn’t do that. We used common sense,” Governor McMaster said.

The governor ended the day in Lexington for the last stop of the tour.