GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The Upstate hit a new level of grand, when it comes to hotels. The Grand Bohemian Lodge is open for business.

The new hotel is located in Falls Park near the Liberty Bridge in downtown Greenville.

Staff said every nook and cranny has been uniquely designed for the customer experience.

It’s an experience some said blew them away.

“Nothing really blows me away, but this blew me away. You know, I love it,” said Fudge Brown, a visitor and resident of Greenville. “Just the atmosphere, the décor, everything. Everything is just gleaming–you know fresh.”

The new hotel has 187 rooms, most with a balcony and views of the Reedy River.

“There are so many room configurations and room types that you could literally stay every night for a month and be in a different type of room. You have the falls view on both sides of the hotel, balconies of different sizes, floor to ceiling windows. There’s so many different configurations–literally more than 30 different room types,” said Amy Johnson, Corporate Director of Rooms Division Operations, Kessler Collection. “Every single thing that you see here at the Grand Bohemian Lodge is unique. You’ll never see it anywhere else,” she said.

Whether it’s the rooms, or the public spaces, the impact of mother nature is evident.

“The highlights that they can feel when they walk into the hotel really is that you’re encapsulated by nature. You have those surroundings of the falls, and with a modern touch,” said Ron Nagy, General Manager at the Grand Bohemian Lodge. “Everything is open to anyone, whether you’re staying in the hotel or you’re just walking through the front doors.”

“The décor, the imagery of the Indians, statues, and the jewelry. The view from the river out here, you know it’s just gorgeous,” Brown said.

The visionaries behind it all are Mark and Diana Kessler. The couple designed the place.

Diana and Mark said everything is custom designed with a western, modern, contemporary feel, with a twist of bohemian.

“When my father first saw this site about eight years ago. He was so excited. He’s always enjoyed western art, western architecture and what better place to go to lodge, than on the beautiful site here on the Reedy River in Falls Park,” Mark Kessler said. “He was really inspired by the beauty and nature around Greenville and obviously there’s some beautiful areas around Greenville to travel.”

“So, I think just the whole environment around Greenville was really just an inspiration, particularly this site on the river,” said Mark Kessler.

Diana Kessler said the artwork in the public spaces are all original.

“It’s true art that you would see in a gallery. Every single piece of this was purchased by our owner Richard Kessler. He likes to say he’s an art collector first an hotelier second. So, literally every single one of his hotels are like galleries,” Johnson said.

“At the Kessler Collection, we want every one of our guest to be inspired. If you want to be inspired, you will be as soon as you step through the front doors and every single place, every single room, every terrace will inspire you,” Mark Kessler said.

The Grand Bohemian Lodge also has a full spa, event space, an art gallery, and more. There are also bars, and a bourbon room, along with a restaurant with French flair.

“There is some French inspiration. There’s some French technique as well, we really try to bring some local produce and stay very close to our farmers around to bring your modern large cuisine,” said Chef Nicolas Abello, Between the Trees, at the Grand Bohemian Lodge.

Brown said he will be back after his experience on Thursday.

“Best place to be. I’d rather be no where else than Greenville,” Brown said.

There are only a few Grand Bohemian Hotels in the U.S., and leaders said this is the first lodge under their collection.

The Grand Bohemian Lodge will celebrate with a grand opening on September 15th.