GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Greenville is getting creative with how drivers can pay off their parking tickets.

Greenville Parking Services said starting Monday, 10 cans of food will be equivalent to $15 dollars off any parking citation given out by the city.

“Really what it is, is just an opportunity for us to try and give back,” said Bill Foster, General Manager of Greenville Parking Services.

The incentive is called Food for Fines and will take place from November 21st through December 16th.

The donations will benefit Triune Mercy Center.

“People look at parking and parking tickets as kind of a negative thing and we want people to try and make a positive out of a negative,” said Foster.

Parking services said drivers are also not limited to just one payment.

“If you want to bring in a hundred cans because you got a bunch of tickets that’s fine, but you know we would really accept whatever denominations you want to donate,” said Foster.

Greenville Parking Services said past-due citations are also eligible.

Drivers can bring the cans of food to 516 Rutherford Street.