GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Data from the city of Greenville shows more than half of all pedestrian accidents in the last couple of years occurred on the same 15 streets. Now, city leaders are trying to stop another one from happening again.

Rosemary Sims sees a lot through the window of where she works. The window overlooks one of the busier roads in Greenville: Augusta Street.

It’s not only the car traffic but also the walkers, runners, bicyclists and everything in between.

“A lot of them walk, they walking good,” Rosemary Sims said.

But this stretch of road has a history of some serious and deadly crashes. City data showed 6% of all pedestrian accidents in the last six years have happened there.

Coming in a close second is North Pleasantburg Drive.

“Some of these areas where people are needing or wanting to travel and that’s where we’re focusing our efforts,” said Greenville City Councilman Wil Brasington.

For Brasington, improving pedestrian safety in the city is very important. That’s why the city is working on a study to do just that.

“Improve safety on our roadways, whether that be slowing our cars down or that be creating improved pedestrian crossings at intersections, or whether that simply be ensuring peace of mind and physical safety on our sidewalks,” Brasington told us.

For Mike, those changes can’t come soon enough. He lost his brother a couple years ago who, he said, was a pedestrian himself.

“I wouldn’t walk anywhere, my brother got hit by a car walking. He was crossing the street, one similar to this one actually,” Mike told us.

He hopes improvements to city roads and sidewalks can pave the way to a safer future.

Greenville residents can weigh in on the matter. The city is asking residents to help them identify which areas are safe and unsafe. You can participate in a survey by clicking here.