GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Greenville City Council unanimously voted this week to adopt the Airport District plan.

Council Member Dorothy Dowe said the plan is a vision for what the Airport District could become if public and private investors come in to help put some of the projects into motion.

“We have the zoning in place for that area, but it’s a good way to show the city’s investment that that area is important to us and to illustrate the potential of that area so that as development comes in, they can see the prospects in that area,” Dowe explained. 

The plan calls for renovations and improvements to the district’s three major corridors – Pleasantburg Drive, Laurens Road and Haywood Road — including adding a multimodal path along those roads so people can walk and bike in a lane separate from cars.

“Those are major traffic corridors,” Dowe said. “They’re not particularly pedestrian friendly. They’re not particularly cycling friendly. Should those boulevards get developed, that will be a tremendous improvement for safe mobility.”

The plan aims to make the district walkable and well-connected. The city suggests building the Runway Loop Trail around the Airport District and connecting it with the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

The plan also takes a look at the area surrounding the Greenville Convention Center, suggesting that a public park, parking garage and hotel be built.

“The Greenville Convention Center is there now,” Dowe said. “You’ll see an illustration of what could be if there was a hotel there as well as a parking garage. That can only help the convention center.”

The Airport District plan also suggests that a skate park, airplane viewing platform and more housing be built.