GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Greenville City Council is taking steps to create more food options in the city, by updating the city’s code.

“This will allow us to be within the city and serving both businesses and the public all around town,” said Chris and Jen Lake, owners of Roaming Ritual Coffee.

Currently, food trucks are allowed in the city of Greenville, but for food trailer operators, city limits are off limits.

“Right now, it’s working against us. We’ve turned a lot of customers down, a lot of businesses that want to bring us out to their place of work, Prisma Health being one of them and that would be a big opportunity for us,” said Lake.

On Monday, city council approved its first reading for an ordinance to allow food trailers to operate within the city.

“How many times does your neighbor or your friend say, ‘Hey, so and so is going to be down the road in their food truck, let’s go down there and get a bite to eat.’ So now, we can also include food trailers,” said city councilman John DeWorken.

The ordinance changes some sections and definitions to classify both food trucks and trailers as “mobile food units.”

“From my understanding, the only real difference is a trailer has to be towed by a truck whereas a truck itself is self-propelled,” said Joe Maurice, the owner of Rambo’s Hot Dogs.

Maurice said the ordinance could create new opportunities.

“I’m excited about what the future holds for myself and other hardworking food truck owners out there,” said Maurice.

Others said it will remove a roadblock, allowing them to go anywhere.

“We have to check, everywhere we go, to make sure that we can actually operate. So obviously for our family it’s going to be amazing,” said Lake.

At Monday’s meeting, the first reading of this ordinance passed unanimously.

City council will hear its second reading at the next meeting. If it passes at that meeting, it will go into effect.