GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- The Greenville County Coroner’s Office said when conducting death investigations, cameras can be the most crucial part of it all. With a recent $20,000 grant for new cameras, they said they know it will go a long way.

Death investigations are difficult but routine for the coroner’s office. While it will never be easy, they said a recent donation will be making their job easier.

“We needed to update our cameras and the reason that’s so important for us is scene documentation, you only get one opportunity at a scene,” said Shelton England, senior deputy coroner.

Through an opportunity given to death investigators nationally, the Greenville County Coroner’s Office was awarded $20,000 to purchase new cameras. They said they were recognized as a county that was deserving of the grant, but also one that could use it, from the recent number of deaths in the county.

“They saw the need there of the number of deaths that we’re responding to and the need to document those scenes,” said England.

New cameras are something England said will improve their work and will help them provide thorough death investigations to the county of Greenville. 

“We want to document that scene in complete accuracy with photos, that way when we get back and document things we know that everything is accurate, it’s factual, and if someone had to testify to those facts, anything of that nature, we have proof to show that it is accurate,” said England.

When at a scene, the coroner’s office obtains photographs, which serve as a critical element in a case. With more advanced cameras, scenes will be better documented, allowing examiners to piece together the case efficiently.

Something England noted is this will serve the county, but without the people having to pay tax dollars for it.