GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Greenville County EMS is the first agency in the state to implement SAFE — or sexual assault forensics excellence — which is a program to standardize care for sexual assault and trafficking victims.

“We want a streamlined approach on a statewide level,” Amanda Brown, the Statewide Forensic Nurse Examiner Program Coordinator with the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network said, “to provide the best care for those victims.”

SAFE training applies to hospital staff, paramedics and EMS, law enforcement and advocates.

For Greenville County EMS to receive the designation, at least 75 percent of field personnel had to receive specialized training. However, county EMS so far has had 98 percent of required staff receive the training.

“Having EMTs and paramedics who are trained and able to recognize the subtle signs that sexual assault may have occurred – whether that victim tells us or not – better equips us in knowing what to say to these individuals who have experienced this type of crime,” EMS Training and Education Coordinator Austin Freeman said.