GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Winter weather preparations are underway across the Upstate. In Greenville County, crews have been at work since earlier this week.

SCDOT crews have been pre-treating major roadways, like Interstate 385, since Wednesday and will continue to do so over the next 24 hours.

“It will be two 12 hour shifts of workers out on the interstate and some of the major roads continuously treating the highways to hopefully get ahead of the ice,” SCDOT spokesperson Pete Poore said.

The Department of Transportation is spreading out resources, including tow trucks, in order to respond quickly once that winter weather hits.

“In the event a tractor trailer jackknifed or somebody spins out on the road that sort of thing we can hopefully react quickly to get those vehicles removed and keep traffic moving,” Poore said.

County officials are preparing, too.

“We top off all of the trucks and all of the vehicles and make sure our supply is good and we certainly have a lot of extra supply,” county spokesperson Bob Mihalic said.

Crews are ready to react to whatever the storm brings.

“In the northern part of the county or crews may be dealing with four inches of snow. In the southern part of the county or crews may be dealing with ice and so that variable is some thing we have to prepare for,” Mihalic said.

Utilities like Duke Energy are also on the move.

“So we’re mobilizing teams in Florida we’re mobilizing teams in the midwest to converge here on the Carolinas over the next 24 hours,” Duke Energy spokesperson Ryan Mosier said.

They’re asking people to be patient if the power goes out.

“If it’s as windy as we think it might be we can’t operate those buckets in those kind of conditions,” Mosier said.

The main message is to stay off the roads once the winter weather starts.

“Our EMS is already pushed to the limit with covid they don’t need to be responding to accidents to incidents,” Mihalic said.

And to prepare now for whats on the way.

“There’s 24, 30 hours left before people can really do something. Before Saturday night. They better be hunkering down,” Mosier said.

And the DOT says the danger on the road won’t be over once the storm passes. They are also warning drivers to watch out for black ice in the coming days.