GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A court hearing for the 12-year-old accused of killing a Tanglewood Middle School student on March 31 is being pushed back.

It was scheduled for Thursday morning but the juvenile’s attorney asked for it to be waived. This all comes as the school’s superintendent sat down one-on-one for the first time since that shooting happened.

It’s a challenging time for Greenville County Schools, recovering from tragedy.

“I think people are forever changed when that hits home, so to speak,” said Superintendent Dr. Burke Royster.

Dr. Royster told 7NEWS that the last couple of weeks have presented new conversations. Many of those circled around what could have been done differently after the shots rang out at Tanglewood Middle School.

“We found nothing, not one thing where we did not follow our established protocols,” Dr. Royster said.

Also, what can be done to make sure it never happens again. Dr. Royster said they don’t believe metal detectors will help as much as a change in society.

“The things that happen out here, in our community are going to happen in our schools,” said Dr. Royster. “What we have got to do is work with the community and families to try and change that environment.”

While Dr. Royster and his team figure out what’s next for the district, he said they are starting to see signs of healing at the site of devastation.

“They haven’t forgotten about, it hasn’t gone away, but the outward signs approach normal on a greater and greater basis, each day,” Dr. Royster said.

There’s no word right now when the suspected Tanglewood Middle School shooter will be back in court. Their identity has not been released since deputies have identified them as a minor.