GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Winter weather hit the Upstate Sunday with some enjoying the snowy wonderland while others were left in the dark without power.

“It’s truly scattered this type of storm of the storm impacted every part of the state,” Duke Energy spokesperson Ryan Mosier said.

This resulted in downed lines and even broken power poles.

“With the temperatures and continued precipitation coming down it still has opportunities to evolve,” Mosier said.

Duke Energy has 11,000 utility workers spread out across the Carolinas trying to get the lights back on as quickly as possible.

“Right now we’ve got about 8000 folks in Greenville County out about 47 or 48,000 state wide in South Carolina,” Mosier said.

They’re asking for patience as the repairs continue overnight into Monday.

“For some folks because of the damage we see out there it will be in Monday and perhaps even a Tuesday outage,” Mosier said.

Meanwhile, some are taking advantage of the winter wonderland. Matt and Kelly Keely came to Greenville from the Midlands to enjoy the snow with their son, Finley.

“We actually came up from Columbia so we drove up here if we wanted to let him come play in the snow a little bit,” Matt Keely said.

“Yeah it was super nice this morning it was coming down really hard and we were sledding over here and he loved it,” Kelly Keely said.

Some across the Carolinas will spend Sunday night without power.

They’ll be providing an update on restoration to customers as soon as they have an accurate estimate of those times.

The Red Cross has overnight shelters set up so those who need it can stay safe and warm.