GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis categorized a North Carolina man as “serial killer” after an investigation revealed his ties to the disappearances and deaths of four women.

“Make no mistake that he is a serial killer,” Sheriff Lewis said during a press conference Wednesday morning.

Daniel Printz appeared in court Tuesday where he plead guilty to kidnapping resulting in the death of a Greenville County woman.

“This is a big case because we are talking about a serial killer, multiple deaths,” said Sheriff Lewis.

What began was a missing persons case back in August, quickly grew into something much larger spanning across state lines.

Evidence presented in court showed that on the morning of August 27, 2021, Printz traveled from his North Carolina home to Travelers Rest where he met Edna Suttles, 80, of Travelers Rest, at a Food Loin off of US-25.

At the store, he purchased a four-pack of yogurt before the two traveled back to Suttles’s home.

Eventually, they returned to the parking lot where Printz was captured on surveillance video moving a visibly sedated Suttles from her vehicle into his.

Printz then drove her vehicle a short distance to a Best Western’s parking lot, where he was seen on surveillance video wiping down the inside and outside of the vehicle. Investigators said he then drove Suttles to his home in Bostic, North Carolina.

Suttles’ served as a private sitter for the elderly in Greenville County. After she did not show up for work the following day, an elderly woman she frequently sat with called the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and reported her missing. 

“Within 13 days, Daniel Printz was in handcuffs in a multi-state investigation, involving local and federal agencies,” said Justin Holloway, Assistant US Attorney for the district of South Carolina.

During a search of Printz’s home in Rutherford County, investigators found several items belonging to Suttles, as well as Nancy Rego.

According to investigators, Rego was a woman from Charlotte who had been missing since 2017.

“At this point we were confident that we were dealing with a man responsible for multiple missing persons cases,” said Lewis.

During the execution of a second search warrant at Printz’ home, investigators found Suttles’ Jeep keys, bank card, jewelry and pocketbook concealed in a bee box on a remote part of his property.

Investigators also found an opened yogurt cup. A forensic lab analysis conduced by SLED determined the interior of the cup contained Lorazepam, Tramadol, and Cyclobenzaprine.

After being charged in federal court in the District of South Carolina, Printz began cooperating with law enforcement.

On May 16, 2022, he led authorities to Suttles’s body in a wooded area off of Harris Holly Springs Road in Rutherfordton.

During the investigation, agents recovered evidence connecting Printz to the disappearance or death of three other women, including Nancy Rego. Delores Sellers (Nancy Rego’s mother) and Leigh Goodman were identified as the other two victims in this case.

Printz admitted in court that he had some responsibility for, or role in, their deaths or disappearances.

“He was a sick-minded individual that preyed on the elderly and on females,” said Sheriff Lewis.

According to investigators, the bodies of both Edna Suttles and Nancy Rego have been recovered. The US Attorney’s Office said Printz confessed that the remains of Delores Sellers and Leigh Goodman were disposed of in a way that is unrecoverable.

“The last few years have been a continuous nightmare for all of the victim’s families. They have spent every day wondering what happened to their loved ones,” said Reid Davis, Assistant Special Agent with the FBI.

Printz was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping resulting in death in federal court. According to the US Attorney’s Office, he waived his rights to contest his conviction, therefore he will spend the rest of his life in federal prison. There is no chance for parole in the federal system.

“The man responsible is being held accountable and cannot commit future acts of violence against innocent women in our community,” said Davis.

During the press conference, Sheriff Lewis said Printz is still being questioned regarding the deaths of these woman. It has not been completely ruled out if there is anyone else involved.