GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville County Schools are asking for your feedback on where to focus resources for the next five years.

Every five years a new strategic education plan is made. These plans are shaped based on the community’s feedback. Whether you’re a parent, student, employee or live in the county, they want to hear from you on what you prioritize.

The district has been making strategic education plans for about 40 years.

“We’re in about a yearlong planning process and our next strategic plan will be focused on years 2024-2029,” said Whitney Hanna, with Greenville County Schools.

Hanna is very hands-on with the process. She said the district wants to hear how people want the district to focus resources over the next five years.

The survey is based off the feedback from community input meetings held earlier in the year.

“So, that we can make sure that our students are being absolutely as successful as they can be,” said Hanna.

A lot of the feedback is centered around student success and achievement.

“We also heard a lot about making sure that we’re recruiting and retaining the best possible teaching and staffing,” she said. “Having a caring and inviting culture that’s supportive for students to learn in.”

Depending on the role you play, parent or taxpayer, there is a survey for you.

“Those questions just differ a little bit based on if they have students currently in our schools or if they just want to provide input,” said Hanna.

Matthew and Allison Paschke have a young daughter. They are already thinking about her future when it comes to the classroom.

“I think for me, the big thing is safety, and then a school that can provide a lot of enrichment and experiences for her, great activities,” said Allison Paschke. “Diversity is a big one that I think we would be looking for in a school for her.”

“Real life topics that will help her in the real world when it comes time,” said Matthew Paschke.

Hiring and keeping the best teachers possible is something that’s important to this couple.

They young family said they love the idea of a survey to help shape where their daughter could learn.

“As long as you make the changes and see what’s out there and what people want, you go ahead and make those changes, I think it’s beneficial,” said Matthew Paschke.

“I think it’s great to take into account what people in the community are looking for. It’s nice to feel like we’re being heard,” said Allison Paschke.

After the survey closes, Hanna said they will summarize all the responses to be presented.

“Put together our document and try to compile a strategic plan that’s as easy for the community to understand as possible,” she said. “So, they understand and know where we’re going and what we’re prioritizing and where the districts the resources will be focused.”

The community has until June 2 to give their input. To fill out the survey, click here.

Hanna said the district hopes to have tens of thousands of surveys submitted and they are available in both English and Spanish.