GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — The Greenville City Fire Department is warning against swimming or wading in the water at Falls Park.

“The dangers are really two-fold,” said Greenville City Fire Marshal Tristan Johnson.

Signs posted around the park explain that the bacteria levels in the water are high, making it unsafe to swim.

“DHEC sets a standard for bacteria intake, and that water exceeds it,” explained Johnson. “We’re telling folks, ‘This water is not clean. Please stay out of it.'”

Johnson said there are more potential dangers when water levels rise while people are swimming or wading.

“When it rains and that floodwater hits, that water can rise eight to 10 inches,” said Johnson. “It’s moving extremely swift. That current can take you right over the falls.”

According to Johnson, the department has been called to the falls eight times this year. Two of those rescues resulted in traumatic injuries.

“The person is completely immobile – something may be broken or they may be unconscious,” said Johnson.

Johnson said rescues at the falls are not only dangerous for firefighters who may have to rush into fast-moving water, but these calls also take away resources from other parts of the city.

“You may have one person who’s stuck out there and needs to be rescued, and we’re going to do our job,” explained Johnson. “We’re going to go get them. But, that may go from taking 55 to 60 people when you put it all together to go get that one person.”