GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville Humane Society is asking for help in caring for two dogs which were abandoned last week.

According to a post on the Greenville Humane Society’s Facebook page, last week witnesses saw two yellow labs being dumped from a truck. While driving away, the truck reportedly ran over one of them with no attempt to stop.

Animal control services were notified of the incident and officers found the dogs and brought one of the dogs to the county animal shelter and the other, who had been hit by the truck, to a local veterinarian.

The second dog was later diagnosed with a broken leg and both have tested positive for heartworm disease.

The two labs were determined to be around nine years old. The day after they were picked up they were taken in by Greenville Humane Society for care.

“We named them Macaroni (boy) and Cheese (girl) because they go together perfectly. Macaroni stayed by Cheese’s side after being dumped and never once left her alone,” wrote the humane society.

Cheese was sent back to a vet for surgery on her broken leg and both dogs are being treated for heartworm. The cost of treating both dogs is $6,500.

Helping animals like Macaroni and Cheese is part of the mission for Greenville Human Society. But the timing of the dogs arrival has put the organization in a difficult position.

The organization is in the middle of constructing a new dog kennel, and space for the animals is limited.

” We have The Hope Fund for cases like these but having already treated over 1,250 sick or injured animals just this year, our fund is running out,” the post said. “Heartbreaking cases like these come to us often. We try not to ask for help unless we’re desperate… and that’s where we are.”

On Thursday, the dogs went to a foster home where they will continue their recovery.

Greenville Humane Society is asking for donations to cover Macaroni and Cheese’s care.

Donations can be made online at Greenville Humane Society, through Venmo to @greenvillehumanesociety or by mail to 305 Airport Road, Greenville, SC. 29607.