GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Violent crimes in the City of Greenville fell by nearly 20% in the past three years.

The Greenville Police Department is taking a look at their 2022 reports, where they have seen a reduction in every category of violent crimes.

“The officers did an excellent job working together and keeping the city safe,” said Chief Howie Thompson. “It’s important for our residents. We have over 70,000 residents now, so it’s important for them to feel safe in their homes and for the hundreds of thousands of people who come to visit the City of Greenville every week.”

Chief Thompson credited Mayor Knox White and Greenville City Council for their support of the police department and for recent approvals of pay adjustments, keeping Greenville Police at the top of the pay scale for South Carolina agencies.

“That has really helped us retain our officers that we have and recruit good officers,” Thompson said. “That is important because to give good customer service that we want to give, you have to have well-trained officers that know the city. If you’re constantly turning over officers it is hard to move forward and do what you want to do.”

The Greenville Police Department is also receiving a facility upgrade, moving locations for more adequate space and technological capabilities.

The new building is 126,000 square feet, six stories high and is a $37 million dollar investment. Mayor White said the facility, upgrade along with salary increases, shows how much the City values its law enforcement officers.

“Because of our support for law enforcement and the professionalism of our PD and our support of neighborhoods, working with neighborhoods, neighborhood policing and working to improve neighborhoods, I see this trend line continuing.” White said.