GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — As Hurricane Ian approached Florida and South Carolina, animal shelters worked together to get their animals to safety.

10 adult cats were evacuated from the Humane Society Naples in Naples, Florida and transported to the Greenville Humane Society.

“When it comes to these times, these animals are clearly in need,” said Rachel Delport, the CEO of the Greenville Humane Society. “These shelters are in need. It truly takes a village to step up and be able to help. We know that if we were ever in a crisis like that, these shelters would do that in return.”

Nine dogs and a litter of nursery puppies were transported from Hilton Head Humane to the Greenville Humane Society as well. Delport said that freed up space so a shelter in a rural area of Florida could move all of its animals to Hilton Head Humane before the storm arrived.

“Of course, there was no hesitation for us,” said Delport.

Like many shelters, the Greenville Humane Society has been full for months. But, that did not stop them from taking more animals in.

“We always make means to be able to help out in whatever capacity that is,” explained Delport. “Our staff is always willing to step up and take on extra animals as long as that means that they’re safe with us.”

Delport said the adult cats and dogs are available for adoption, and the nursery puppies are available to be fostered.

Greenville Animal Care also said it received kittens from two Florida shelters. They are available to be adopted.