GREENVILLE, S.C (WSPA) – Greenville Technical College continues to offer $0 tuition for summer classes beginning prior to June 26.

Students can take as many classes as they want.

The offer applies to new, returning and current students who are looking to pursue degrees, diplomas, or certificates but does not apply to transient students or high school students taking college classes.

Registration for summer 2023 classes for current students begins March 27, and open registration begins April 10.

According to Greenville Technical College, the extension is to increase efforts to produce more graduates, foster greater economic mobility and create the highly skilled workforce South Carolina employers need to grow.

“We continue to remove barriers to higher education through this effort and many other initiatives, allowing students to get the education they need to qualify for high-demand careers in our area,” said Dr. Keith Miller.

For more information on $0 tuition scholarships at Greenville Technical College, visit their website.