GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)–The City of Greenville is using state of the art technology to help improve city streets. It’s using a van with several cameras on it to survey every mile of road in city limits.

“They’re basically collecting data for us and helping us assess the condition of our city streets,” Clint Link, the city’s director of public works, said.

The van is from an engineering company called Roadway Asset Services contracted by the city to get a closer look at the roads.

“Computers and cameras and laser profilers and they’ll use that van to drive every street in the City of Greenville,” Link said.

Roadway asset services uses state of the art equipment to capture nearly every aspect of the streets.

“We can use those images to analyze the crack in the distressed types and really determine what condition the road pavement surface is in,” Scot Gordon, president at Roadway Asset Services, said.

The van uses three different types of cameras to collect data on cracking, roughness, and even what type of asphalt was used.

“As we find different distresses those scores drop we deduct values for different distresses,” Gordon said.

It’s been out on the roads for several weeks now, driving 263 city miles and 129 miles on state roads.

“Their camera system is fully equipped to essentially give us all the inventory of the road,” Link said.

That data will be given to the city so it can decide which areas to address first. It’s something experts say is crucial to a growing city like Greenville.

“We’re adding more roads to the network so we have to look ahead to what kind of budget is going to be needed for maintenance in the future,” Gordon said.

The data that is collected from the van driving all across the city will help the city create a seven year paving plan.