GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenwood County Emergency Medical Services received new upgrades to its ambulances and training equipment.

Derek Oliver, the Director of Emergency Services, said these improvements will make their jobs easier and help them better treat patients.

“It’s pretty much like working on a human,” said Oliver.

Oliver said the department received three ‘manikins’ which will help EMS members train for real-life situations. He said the simulators are high-tech and mimic a real-life patient. The ‘manikins’ can blink, talk, breathe, and more.

“You can get it to bleed, you can use it to learn how to properly apply a tourniquet, so once you apply tighten the tourniquet down, the mannequin stops bleeding. You can give it IVs and give it fluid,” said Oliver.

Oliver said it’s a big upgrade for the department and gives more hands-on training.

“The mannequins that we used before were just basic CPR mannequins,” said Oliver.

They’re controlled by a trainer through a computer, giving team members a chance to practice their skills in a safe environment.

“You practice that here, so it’ll avoid any mistakes on the truck,” said Oliver.

New power loaders were also installed on all of the ambulances.

“We installed these systems, so now, one person can do it, push of a button,” said Oliver.

Oliver said it’s a reliable system to easily load patients in or out of the ambulance. He also said it keeps patients from tipping over, making it safer for everyone.

“These load systems for the truck, that helps us load patients a lot easier and a lot safer for the crews,” said Oliver.

Oliver said the new equipment is already being utilized by team members. Both were funded by American Rescue Plan Money from the County. A county spokesperson said the power loaders cost more than $378,000 and the three ‘manikins’ cost nearly $170,000.