GREENWOOD COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A tornado touched down Thursday leaving fallen branches and uprooted trees along Deadfall Road East in Greenwood County.

The National Weather Service confirmed the EF1 tornado had estimated winds of 90 miles per hour.

Crews were busy fixing power lines that came down when Thursday’s storm passed through.

“I think we’re down to the last about 150 homes that are still without power,” said Derek Oliver, Greenwood County’s Director of Emergency Services. “They were out working pretty hard all night.”

Oliver said his team received about 20 calls Thursday, but some of the worst damage was on Deadfall Road East.

“We had two homes that were pretty much condemned this morning by the emergency manager,” said Oliver. “We had a few trees fall through them.”

The two houses were barely visible from the road. Fallen pine trees completely covered their front yards.

“A lot of these trees are probably anywhere from 32 to 36 inches in diameter,” said Robert Young, the Owner of Tree & Dozer Services. “It’s a lot of weight. Whatever they hit, they’re going to destroy.”

That is just what those trees did. The county has condemned both homes because of the damage.

“It has one big pine across the center of the house,” explained Young. “Over on the back side, there are two big pines that lay across the back and knocked the back section of the house completely to the ground.”

Oliver said one of the houses was empty when the trees fell. The other had five people inside.

“It was a blessing that no one was hurt with the damage that the homes took,” said Oliver.

The Red Cross said it is helping the family of five find food, water and shelter since they cannot return home.

Meanwhile, the clean up at their house is just beginning.

“With removing all the stumps, trees, and there’s a lot on the backside, it’ll take us at least four or five days,” explained Young.

The National Weather Service said a wind gust of 75 miles per hour recorded at the Greenwood County Airport may have been the result of this tornado.