GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenwood fire officials said they responded to numerous storm-related calls Thursday evening.

The calls started coming in around 6:30 p.m. and led to a pretty busy night with both paid and volunteer crews responding.

Assistant Fire Chief Franklin Cloninger said, so far, there have been no injuries reported.

“We did have some severe weather come through. We’ve been dealing with trees down, electrical lines down,” stated Cloninger. “We’ve had a couple reports of trees on houses.”

He said there’s also been trees down on cars.

During storms like these, he said they work with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, Public Works, Duke Energy, and all agencies within the county.

Assistant Chief Cloninger said they always try to stay in a constant state of readiness.

“This is relative routine for us, because we do have a lot of storms hit in this area. We do have a lot of trees down whenever these severe storms come through,” he said.

For your safety, he said people need to keep in mind how deadly downed power lines can be.

 “That’s one of our greatest concerns, a lot of times when these trees go down, they will intertwine with power lines, they’ll take a power line and hide it.”

He said do not go near them or drive under them. If you see a downed line, you’re immediately asked to call for help.

He said to try and stay inside if you can.

Cloninger said they anticipate working through Thursday night and possibly into Friday morning.