GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenwood School District 50 is looking for feedback on the district’s modified school calendar.

“We always want to have that two-way communication with our parents,” said Johnathan Graves, the communications director for the district.

District leaders approved the modified calendar in 2019 and it went into effect this school year.

“These surveys give us the opportunity to gain that data and things we need to improve on and improvements we need to make going forward,” said Graves.

District leaders are asking parents, students, and staff members to complete an eight question survey. People can share things they liked and didn’t like about the first year with this calendar, and also give suggestions for improvements or changes.

“I filled it out as soon as my friend posted it,” said parent Katie Rideout.

On the modified calendar, students are in school for 9 weeks, followed by two weeks off. Summer break is about six weeks. Some district parents said the more frequent breaks give families more time together and helps give teachers a break too.

“I feel like if you’re really concerned about teacher burnout and teacher retention, then you’re going to want to be in favor for this calendar,” said Rideout.

Rideout said she supports the modified calendar and was happy with the change.

“A lot of thought definitely went into it and I really don’t have any suggestions for improvement,” said Rideout.

District leaders said they’re seeing the benefits of switching to a modified calendar too. Graves said remediation days during intersession breaks are getting more kids back on track during the school year.

“We felt like that it gave us chances to get kids caught up during the school year instead of just having to wait until the end of the summer to do that,” said Graves.

He said remediation days are a chance for students to catch up on lessons and work with teachers.

“Participation for those has been awesome. We actually had an average of over 12 percent of our total student population during those remediation days. We had three of them during this school year,” said Graves.

He also said nearby districts are eager to see the impact and survey results too, as they consider switching to a modified calendar.

He said the Superintendent Dr. Steve Glenn shared information about the district’s new calendar at other districts and the School Board Association convention.

“I think we were the guinea pigs for a lot of different school districts this school year,” said Graves.

Graves also said, so far, about 800 people have filled out this survey. He said it’s important to hear community feedback and hopes more parents fill it out. He also said they sent out surveys throughout the school year, during intersession breaks, to gather information, too.

The survey closes on Friday, July 1, 2022.