GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenwood School District 50 wants parents to know how they’re keeping kids safe at school.

This week, the district’s safety manager, Natalie Talbert, gave her quarterly update focusing on ways district leaders stay prepared for emergency situations.

“We are doing a lot of training,” said Talbert. “We’re making sure that our school resource officers are properly trained. We’re getting training out to our students, our staff, our administrators.”

She said some efforts include drills for fires and intruders on school property.

“Anything that we can do to make sure that we’re doing what we can do to stay ahead of the game instead of behind it,” said Talbert.

Talbert said recent incidents, like the shooting at a Greenville middle school where a student died, hits close to home.

“It puts things into perspective, but it doesn’t change all of the things that we’ve been doing prior to this happening,” said Talbert.

Talbert said part of the district’s safety plan includes school resource officers.

“Having school resource officers gives us that added protection, knowing that they’re there, making sure that our students are feeling safe,” said Talbert.

Right now, the district is hoping to fill five positions with experienced officers.

“You have to, one, love children and working in that type of environment,” said Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office Captain Amy Tyler, who oversees the school resource officers. “We want certified police officers, meaning that they have been through the criminal justice academy.”

District leaders said adding the positions puts a resource officer in every school in the district.

“They’re there for the safety of the staff, the students, everyone there, to be proactive, to be about, to build relationships,” said Tyler.

Captain Tyler said school resource officers play a big role in schools. They’re on the ground, build confidence with students, and are ready to help if needed.

“They get to trust us and they know something’s not right, even if they’ve dealt with us a lot on a negative aspect, they’ll come to us because they realize, ‘hey they’re really there to help us and they’re there for our safety,” said Tyler.

Greenwood District 50 also has a ‘see something, said something’ campaign for students. They’re encouraged to reach out to administrators and school resources officers if they see anything suspicious in schools.

People can pick up an application for school resource officer positions at the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office. On the application, people can specify if they’d like to work as an SRO.